Extreme kayaking madness

It’s Saturday again, and, not having much time on my hands, I surfed the Net to see what I could find to amuse and entertain you. I came up with Felix Lammler’s (studyaker)  freefall down the Leuenfall (Switzerland) on 2nd January 2007. The Leuenfall  waterfall is 34 m high. You can’t even see the pool he is going to drop into!

Despite his excellent cliff diving and kayaking skills, the descent was only a partial success. Felix survived the impact with a lot of luck and, unfortunately, a few injuries. His perfectionism, pride and not least the controversial discussions that followed persuaded him to make a second attempt. In the presence of two eyewitnesses and a notary, he repeated the descent on the 20th of January 2007. The second descent as well as the raw material for the film are legally attested.

This  winter-kayaking video from Brookaitken might give you some ideas of what else you can do this winter when the snow lies heavily all around! A new snow kayaking speed record was set here …

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