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Billabong Big Wave Nominees 2008/2009

Do you remember my articles on the world’s biggest waves?

In this video Billabong’s nominees for the 2008 Big Wave champion (BillabongUSA) showcases some of those waves I talked about. Teahupoo, particularly, looks terrifying! The force and speed that that wave moves with, must be really awe inspiring when you are surfing it.

As a matter of information, and for those of you who have short memories (!!!), in March this year, the $50,000 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Award was captured by Shane Dorian of Kona, Hawaii for his remarkable near-disaster backside tube ride at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

We might be well on our way into the winter months here in the northern hemisphere, but down south things are hotting up with Australia, Tasmania, South Africa, Spain and Puerto Rico leading the way. The 9th Annual Billabong Global Big Wave Awards presented by Monster Energy is off to a brilliant start courtesy of Mother Nature who is providing, and has provided, major swells all around the world over the past 7 months.

Front-runners for the awards at the moment (and the wave or event that they are being judged on) are:

  • Grant “Twiggy” Baker, South Africa – Tafelberg Reef, Cape Town, in August.
  • James Taylor, South Africa – Red Bull Big Wave Africa
  • Greg Long, California – the tube ride at the Red Bull BWA
  • Damien “Taco” Warr, Australia – Outer Bommie, Western Australia
  • Mark Matthews, Australia – Outer Bommie
  • Ryan Hipwood, Australia – Shipstern’s Bluff
  • Carlos Cabrero, Puerto Rico – Tres Palmas
  • Iban Amatriain, Basque, Spain – Mundaka (I think…)
  • Axier Muniain, Basque, Spain – again – Mundaka (?)

James at RBA

Grant Baker and James Taylor sharing a wave – Dungeons, Hout Bay, Cape Town.

And just a reminder… the Billabong Pipeline Masters began yesterday (8th December) at Oahu, Hawaii. The Pipeline is the “ultimate surfing gladiator pit”. It is a trio of lava reefs midway along the North Shore’s famed ‘Seven Mile Stretch’. The inside reef breaks so close to the shore that, as a spectator, you can almost high five the surfer in the tube! Pipeline is the left, Backdoor is the right – and this wave roars to life during huge West swells… more on this competition later.

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