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Are extreme weather conditions set to affect yet another competition?

What is happening to our weather? Maverick’s Surf Contest window may have to be extended… and it’s not that the weather has been too extreme to surf this magnificent wave… just that there’s been no wave to surf!

The weather forecast hasn’t looked encouraging until a few hours ago…. and now, at last, a swell capable of producing waves worthy of the big wave surf contest appear to be forming near the international date line.

This is fantastic news for the organisers and the big wave surfers for, as Keir Beidling, CEO of Mavericks Surf Ventures and the organisers of the event, says, “These guys are an interesting lot. Without having Maverick’s out there, the guys are like medieval knights without a dragon.”

But is it too late? The window for the competition is about to close…

Also, the swell needed to produce the ‘big waves’ necessary for the contest to take place has to be enough to create faces of at least 20-foot and frequent waves must hit the break for the call to be made to bring in 24 of the world’s top big wave surfers for the contest on 24 hours notice.

The gale that wave trackers have recently spotted could produce 32-foot seas – and therefore even bigger waves at Maverick’s on Monday, according to the San Mateo County Times.

All hangs now on whether the organisers can extend their permit for the competition window – they are hoping to extend through April 8th.

Beadling said the extension hinges on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. The NOAA has to grant the company an extension on its single-day exemption to the ban on personal watercraft in marine sanctuaries, including the waters surrounding the Maverick’s break at Half Moon Bay.

“They are an important partner of ours and this is the crucial piece we need to get an extension,” Beadling wrote in an e-mail Tuesday. “I am hoping to hear positive news from them tomorrow, and it’s probably safe to say that thousands of people are crossing their fingers in the meantime.”

Hold thumbs that this contest gets its big swells and gets its ‘ok’ to the permit extension, and in the meantime let me remind you why there is so much hype about Mavericks, thanks to powerlinestv for the video.

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