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All 8 divers rescued alive after 36 hours adrift

I’m pleased to be able to report that after more than 36 hours adrift in the sea off southern Taiwan all eight of the divers have been rescued and are alive and well, albeit very thirsty and frightened by their horrific ordeal. One of the divers who had been separated from the group was able to raise the alarm after he swam ashore on a remote island where he found a fisherman. They were able to raise the alarm and give the search and rescue teams a more precise location of the whereabouts of the other divers. The divers had drifted in the strong currents for more than 30 miles from where they had started their dive and were eventually picked up by a search and rescue helicopter. For those in the water it was third time lucky as they had previously seen two other helicopters before being finally spotted and winched aboard the helicopter at 2.30 a.m. – exhausted and thirsty but alive.


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