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A REALLY extreme sport – the Oslo Ice Challenge

There’s an exciting new extreme sport competition this weekend (7th – 8th March) – freediving under the ice in Norway. Brrrrrrrr………

This is the first AIDA internationally recognised freediving competition ever to be done under ice and will be held at the frozen lake Lutvann just outside of Oslo. This special challenge will add a new aspect to the sport and give the competitors an experience to remember.

Diving under ice is a whole different experience and divers are assured that it is not that cold! Spending 5 minutes in 2 degrees will certainly make your face cold but the core temperature will not drop, and the deeper you go the warmer the water will get. The diving response, which allows freedivers to save oxygen, becomes much stronger in cold water.

The divers will go through a 3m x 3m hole in the 25cm thick ice. Visibility during the winter is approximately 20m. The surrounding ice will work as a platform for both judges and audience to view the performances close up, making it much more interesting to follow the competition. Lutvann is a freshwater lake and there is no current which is a huge advantage.

Oslo Ice Challenge will gather freedivers ranging between local divers from Oslo Freediving Club to World Champions and World Record holders. The participants will be limited to 20. They will have the chance to compete twice on Saturday 7th and once on Sunday 8th in their chosen discipline. Following a point system which levels the disciplines, the winner will be the freediver with the most points from a single dive. There will also be a special static competition for the really hard core freedivers. They will compete in holding their breath in the cold water, and dry suits are not allowed.

There are still some spots left, so HURRY UP AND REGISTER!

To give you an idea of what it’ll be like under the ice, watch this video posted by mourauxi.

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