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A brand new tidal bore – is this the greatest yet?

It never fails to amaze me that there are still new phenomena out there waiting to be found – as with this fabulous tidal bore recently discovered in Indonesia by the Rip Curl team consisting of Bruno Santos (BRA), Dean Brady (AUS), Tyler Larronde (FRA), Oney Anwar (IND) and original Searcher Tom Curren (USA):

This remarkable wave had never been seen by surfers before. Somewhere deep in the Indonesian jungle it is a natural phenomenon known only to the locals. The remote jungle river gets pounded by a powerful tidal bore which in turn creates solid 8 – 10 ft waves of such regularity that they astonished the Rip Curl team.

Christened the Seven Ghosts after the name of the nearest jungle village, Tom Curren, a former three-time world surfing champion who has been roaming the world’s coastlines scouring for the proverbial perfect wave ever since winning his last world title in 1990, quietly boasts that “This was our biggest score in twenty years of exploring.”

So hey, the water’s coffee coloured, but that’s not going to put many people off! The walls break from top to bottom, similar to the hollow powerful waves that peel over coral reefs. The riverbank refraction of the primary wave sends rebound wedges perpendicular across the river, carving the secondary wave into a line of perfect spinning peaks.

Is this “the perfect wave?”

Recently discovered tidal bore in the jungle of Indonesia called The Seven Ghosts

Rip Curl's latest discovery - The Seven Ghosts Tidal Bore

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