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2011’s Red Bull Cliff Diving competition has begun…

Between March and December, Red Bull will be holding their cliff diving competition at 7 exotic locations: Rapa Nui, Chile; Yucatan, Mexico; Athens, Greece; La Rochelle, France; Malcesine, Italy; Boston, USA and Jalta in the Ukraine.

12 of the world’s leading cliff divers, supreme athletes each and every one of them, will challenge each other at each location. This is the third year the competition has been held.

All the dives will be made from a platform around 28 metres high between take-off and water entry. There will be 3 seconds of airtime for the execution of artistic manoeuvres. The divers will be going at more than 85 km/h at impact with the water. Masterly body control and the highest concentration is needed to ensure no accidents.

Orlando Duque is in the lead having won both Chile and Mexico…

And the diving just gets better and better. Cenote Ik Kil in Mexico saw 4 rounds of unbelievable aerial artistry from a 27.2 metre high platform.

Cenote Ik Kil in the Yucatán jungle is a stunning root-covered sinkhole close to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza.  Believed to hold sacred powers, the 60m wide and 39m deep sinkhole is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was recently listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Orlando Duque diving at the Red Bull competition in Yucatan, Mexico

Orlando Duque diving at the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition, Mexico

photo courtesy of: Dean Treml / Red Bull Cliff Diving



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