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Yet another glorious weekend for Gary Hunt

The title is officially in the bag – 27-year old Gary Hunt of the UK is Red Bull’s 2011 Cliff Diving champion. His lead is now unassailable, but the competition is fierce for second and third place. For every place actually as only the top 6 athletes will go through automatically to the 2012 competition.

Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships 2011 - Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt. Photo: Reuters

Diving off the 26.5 m high roof of the Institute of Contemporary Art virtually in the heart of the city gave the thousands of spectators some unique viewing opportunities – standing the other side of the huge glass wall on the 4th floor of the contemporary art museum must have been one of the best. “It really took my breath away to see the speed, the artistry and the athleticism,” said Paul Bessire, a spokesman for the Institute.

23,000 people were there to watch the 14 supreme athletes.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships

Jorge Ferzuli dives from the 26.5 metre platform on the Institute of Contemporary Art building. Photo: AFP/Red Bull/Romina Amato

The platform in Boston was 26.5 metres high, 87 ft – in other words… eight stories high. The water was 7 metres deep. The dive from take off to impact was just 3 seconds. The speed by the time a diver hit the water, feet first, was aroundabout 95 kms.

For the 4th time in this year’s competition, Artem Silchenko took 2nd place and local Boston boy clinched 3rd – cheered on by family and friends.

There is one last stop to go – the Ukraine. The final event will be on the 4th September off the Crimean shore in Yalta, and will once more guarantee a tight battle for the top six until the season’s very last dive!

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