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This year’s Red Bull Cliff Diving came to a dramatic end

The setting was ideal: Oman. A dramatic desert setting for a dramatic final competition and it was 28-year old Gary Hunt, ‘the brilliant Brit’, who pulled all the goodies out of the bag to seize the championship. However it was no easy win – it was a battle until the very last dive. The 27m platform in the beautiful Wadi Shab in the Sultanate of Oman, provided a suitably spectacular backdrop for the crowning of the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Champion which was held yesterday, the 27th September.

Final Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Oman

Final Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship 2012 in Oman

Watch the video on the big screen because the quality is truly amazing!

Fabulous Red Bull video of their final 2012 cliff diving event

5000 enthusiastic spectators in the presence of His Highness Sayyed Tareq bin Shabib Al Said were there to watch the final showdown of the first ever cliff diving competition on Arabian soil, and the site couldn’t have been more exotic nor more beautiful.

Gary Hunt only won the Oman competition by 1.85 pts, but it was enough to put him ahead of the nine-time World Champion Orlando Duque. If you’ve been following this competition you will remember that after Boston it was said that Orlando, although always technically brilliant, would have to up the degree of difficulty of his dives if he was to win for the 10th time. There was not enough time left this Season to achieve that, but I expect that we can all expect some absolutely amazing performances when the competition begins again next year.

As you can imagine, Gary was delighted and in his first statement to the press this is what he had to say: “This year has been the hardest without a doubt. It felt like everyone was on top of their game and you had to be diving really well to win it. Waiting for the final score was one of the most nerve-wracking times of my life. I saw that it was an amazing dive from Orlando and then saw the scores but those few seconds were really nerve-wracking. I didn’t want to calculate it before hand but to see it up on the screen and how close it was… wow! It was just the best competition I’ve ever done!” 

He has now won three championships in a row… the pressure really is on for next year!

I can’t wait…

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