Why stop skiing when the snow runs out

Chuck Patterson, an extreme athlete and  former big mountain pro-freeskier, has taken his much loved sport to the waves and show us that it can be done!

Obviously you need a big wave, and obviously you need the help of a jetski, and also, I think, you do need the ski poles – not to pole plant! but to drag.

“Ever since I started I was hooked like a little kid, just like I was when I started snow skiing,” Patterson said. “Something like that really keeps me going and I know that that’s what I’m looking forward to as far as proving that you can actually turn on the waves!”

To push the sport to new heights and to raise its popularity stakes, he is using the latest version of the Rocket skis which are hand-crafted in conjunction with McDermott Shapes of Maine.

In the following video we can see the sport taking even further with the addition of a kite:

It looks great fun but I would rather you didn’t have to wear full on ski boots!

Feature photo by Mike Lopaka Jones,


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