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Ruben Lenten chases storms

Some amazing kitesurfing clips here:

Ruben Lenten is called the ‘Master of Extreme’ because of his desire… need… call it what you will, to push kitesurfing to the limit. “It’s all about getter higher, faster and more extreme” says Red Bull’s clip on Lenten. After years of competing at the top of the world rankings, Ruben has left the international kiteboarding competitions because he does not agree with the way the judging is done at the moment. In these early days of this fast growing sport he does not think that boundaries should be imposed.

To him the ultimate goal is to push the limits of this sport as far as possible. To this end he travels the world searching for the best spots, the worst storms, the most challenging situations where he, and some of kitesurfings best riders, can try out new styles and tricks.

Feature photo courtesy of Red Bull

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    Kitesurfing is my Love Sport.

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