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Life looks pretty cool for Travis Rice

This is just the teaser, imagine what the whole film must be like!

Known as one of the Top Twenty Most Influential Riders in the world, snowboarder Travis Rice, born in 1982, began his professional career in 2001 at the age of 18. In 2010 he was voted Snowboarder of the Year… He is revered by the big mountain freestyle movement not only for his success at competition level, but for introducing Natural Selection to the snowboarding scene. With the co-operation of Quiksilver, Natural Selection is a two-day event (within a seven-day holding period) representing an evolution in the sport from the sterility of man-made parks to a contest in the unspoiled beauty of the back country.

Some of Rice’s peers claim this event will change the face of competitive snowboarding forever, reforming the pro tour in a more organic direction. Others just call it a chance to ride competitively in the style of their choice, as they would on a “pow’ day” with their friends.

His latest film is The Art of Flight. Again this is just a trailer, the film will be out this Fall (2011) – it looks like a must, doesn’t it?!

The following video which is about the making of these films is equally beautiful and fascinating, the cameras…. O, for a camera like that!

Feature photograph courtesy: Scott Sullivan

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