Kitesurfing Guinness World Record attempts

Richard Branson, a keen kitesurfer and once seen on this site with Susie Mae on his back practising for the channel crossing, now holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to kite the channel.

Richard Branson successfully crosses the English Channel

Richard Branson to kitesurf across the English Channel

The official original Guinness World Record for the English Channel crossing was set by Flexifoil International on September 17th, 1999 with a 2 hours and 30 minutes mark.

But this initial record is under regular assault – from all sides. On the 26th October, Sam Lutman-Pauc set the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel breaking Sam Branson’s July 2012 record by 27 minutes. He left from Dungeness, in the United Kingdom and arrived at Wissant, France, under heavy grey skies and 20 knots of cross-shore winds. The new time to beat is now 1 hour and 51 minutes…

The British Pro kitesurfer now plans to create a new record by sailing straight from the UK to France, and then back to Britain. The Guinness World Records’ officials will have to approve the GPS data for the record attempt to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Bruno Sroka has broken another English Channel record and established a new record time. The French kitesurfer traveled 100 nautical miles (186 kilometres) in 5 hours. “I am very delighted to beat the record and push the limits and prove that kitesurfing is not only the beach sport. It can be a tough and serious project,” he said.

Bruno Sroka’s record breaking Channel crossing

And then there’s Maciej ‘Zimas’ Zimowski – a Polish kitesurfer who is a founder of the RedSeaZone kitesurfing school in ElGouna, Egypt. He is going for the longest Kiteboarding Journey Record – the current record is held by American Phillip McCoy Midler with a 369.7 km / 229.73 statue miles set in May 2010…. Zimas will be kiting from the Peninsula of Suez Gulf in the area of Adabiya Port to El Quasir Kalawy Imperial Hotel  in Egypt. “I decided that I want to face the elements and mine own strength, to break Guinness World record in kitesurfing. I’m going to beat it by kiting alongside the coastal zone of Red Sea”, says Maciej.

The time of the challenge was set for between 20 and 30 June 2012, depending on the weather and wind conditions. However, after months of training and a lot of hype the event had to be called off because of the current political situation. No-one was prepared to sign the requisite documents allowing him to undertake the challenge. Unphased and uncomplaining he said “No worries, I won’t waste all I’ve done already. I will beat this record, just another time.”

Zimas, a man who used to be a windsurfer, switched to kitesurfing in 2000 and has continued to improve his skills and experience. His aim is to go for at least 400 kms…

Maciej ‘Zimas’ Zimowski plans to get the longest kiteboarding record

Zimas' record breaking attempt at 400 kms

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