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Jack Osbourne in the news again…

Having just done an article on the celeb who cleaned himself up so well, it’s nice to see him back in the news being labeled a hero having foiled a bag-snatching attempt in Marylebone, London.

It was not a publicity stunt – a police spokesman, yesterday, confirmed that Jack was involved in the incident.

Known for his love of outdoor sports, Osbourne lost three-and-a-half stones before climbing El Capitan while filming the first series of Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie.

Jack Osbourne nabs thief in central London

Apparently Jack noticed the man behaving suspiciously outside a coffee shop, saw him snatch the bag, and ran after him like a man possessed. He then wrestled the robber onto the ground and held him, with the help of other shoppers, until the police arrived.

The robber was lucky Jack didn’t use his martial arts expertise on him!

Jack’s comment on the excitement, “I could see the girl was in trouble, it just felt like the natural thing to do. I’m glad it turned out okay.”

The fourth series of Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie has just begun. The first episode saw Jack and Elijah Wood’s tandem swing off Victoria Falls bridge, white water rafting down the Zambezi and becoming the first people to cross from one side of the Falls to the other on ropes.

But watch the show because later in the series Tom Felton, Wendi Peters and Gemma Atkinson are going to dive with sharks, try aerial acrobatics in a stunt glider, dive out of a helicopter over Cape Town, ostrich race … amongst other things. Real adrenaline junkies…

Just to give you an idea of what Jack and Elijah undertook…

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