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Extreme kitesurfing with Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow…

In a few weeks time we’re going to be in Tarifa where we hope to catch some epic wind and, perhaps, some of the more foolhardy amongst us can pull off some stunts like Ruben Lenten here in the following video…

Hmmm, then again… perhaps not!

Ruben Lenten, the extreme boy of kitesurfing, and Aaron Hadlow, 5 times world champion, are, with the backing and assistance of Red Bull, strutting their stuff in the On The Loose videos. Dedicated to the sport of kitesurfing they want to show the world what the sport is all about. “Do whatever you like, but do it with a smile!” says Lenten about this constantly developing sport. “If you like the waves, you rock it on a surfboard. If you like racing you race. I think freestyle is still the biggest thing out there, and so many kids are pushing each other to try new things.”

Lenten describes his riding style as “energetic, powerful, and solid,” and it is an apt description. He is the one pushing kiteboarding to the limit; for him it’s all about getter higher, faster and more extreme.  His ability to  throw kiteloops thirty feet in the air and to smoothly pull the most technical wakestlyle moves imaginable put him firmly on the top rung of the kitesurfing ladder – alongside his friend, Aaron Hadlow.

Hadlow, one would have thought, did not have the perfect introduction or beaches to become the world’s best kitesurfer. Born on the south coast of England, he perfected his talent on those unwelcoming shores – no sun kissed beaches for him in those early days. But as his skill and fame grew, so too did sponsorship and latterly he was able to hone his skills whilst over-wintering in South Africa. He won his first championship in 2004 at the age of 16 and “Once I was at the top the only way to stay there was to innovate, my motivation was at an all time high, learning new tricks that nobody else had done or seen was a great feeling, as good as winning a competition, that combo worked hand in hand and I would say was the key point that kept me at the top for 5 years,” he said. He now lives between the UK and Cape Town.

Lenten and Hadlow, with Red Bull’s might, are going to travel the world perfecting and attempting some of the most spectacular stunts ever done before in some of the world’s most spectacular places. The episodes will be screened on the Red Bull Web TV.

Both kitesurfers had a first time go at snow kiting at the Red Bull Ragnarok in Norway last year. “It’s so much fun, I’m having a blast…” said Ruben.

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    2011 | 29 March at 07:20 #

    I will definitely be following those webisodes!

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