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Day 6 for Anne Quéméré

Here, in Anne’s own words, is the account of her journey so far:

Day six on the Pacific ocean


10.11.08 – Anne settles in to an onboard routine.

© Anne Quemere

© Anne Quemere

The dense fog which has hounded me since my departure has finally been replaced by some turquoise blue sky, even though it’s mainly overcast. The temperature on the water is a little warmer, but I still must stay fully dressed in my winter gear, the oilskins and a wonderful pair of overshoes that were offered by the Cotten manufacturing, before my departure. The more I head South, the more likely I am to find warmer air so that I can remove these numerous layers of clothing. It’ll be more pleasant!

Ever since I left, the ocean has been quite irregular, so I must remain vigilant. As I sail along, the playing field should change as I distance myself from the American coastline and get closer to the Equator. For the time being, I’m still navigating complex choppy waters, but I’m moving forward. Every day I see the miles drift by and I’m satisfied I won’t have to redo this route.

After six days on the Ocean, I feel I’m fully acclimatized. The proof of this is that I can crawl into my tiny cabin without turning black and blue while attempting contortionist tricks. The back ache is attributable to the asymmetric position when I navigate for long hours.

Everything is now in place…I don’t have to think very long or upset everything on the Oceankite if I have a sudden urge for a chocolate bar or some peanut butter. I know where to find each item. As to my appetite, which was not very demanding for the first three days, has now ferociously returned and I can look forward to my sealed bags of freeze dried foods. The menu for the week: Provence fish or vegetarian minestrone. Just these few words must make you drool. The picture above, taken on the morning of the 5th day, reveals that the morale is in good shape in spite of the fatigue of the first few days.. I hope it stays that way.

Latest blog update from Anne received at 1400 GMT on Monday 10 November 2008:

There are those who spend their Saturday nights in bars and clubs and then there are the others who choose to sail the Pacific Ocean for Extreme Sports to realize they spent a few days in a shaker! The winds have been moving at 25 knots with gusts to 30 knots and a really impressive sea churned up rapidly.

The overnight, from Saturday to Sunday, felt very long and lonely. Early Sunday morning, I was counting the extra bruises. Sunday, the ocean was quite active but fortunately the wind weakened a bit, allowing me to recover. The Oceankite held well under some broadside waves and fortunately, it didn’t capsize.

Right now the conditions are a little better with the winds from the North-West at 17 knots with gusts to 22 knots. For the next two days, I’ll be heading east in order to avoid a “quiet” zone which is forming in the West. Between too much and not enough wind, one must choose the exact intensity.

Don’t worry, I won’t stop off in Mexico to listen to the Mariachi or sip a few tequilas…unfortunately! As soon as possible, I’ll resume my route to the West, knowing that within a week, I should be in the Tradewinds area. Ahh! The Tradewinds truly well earned! Finally, every day brings it lot so we shouldn’t look too far ahead as to the forecasting. It’s only accurate for a day or so.

Speak soon.


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