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Brilliant new video from Andy Hurdman

Andy Hurdman is an experienced Pro-kiter and wakeboarder who has competed in the US kiteboarding pro-tour. We profiled him in an article in 2009. . There’s a wonderful video on that old article, but here’s another for your delectation!

“I have always been into extreme sports,” he says but it wasn’t until he moved to Hawaii and tried out his cousin’s trainer kite that he became hooked on kitesurfing. “The very next day I went to Kite Beach to see Kiteboarding in action. At the time, you would never see more than 6 people on Kite Beach at one time. But even though kiting was still relatively unknown to most people, I immediately saw the potential. Within one week, my bikes were on the market and I was kiting at Kite Beach.” This was way back in the halycon days of 2000 when kitesurfing was still a relatively new sport.

Now, with over 7 years of teaching experience, Andy Hurdman has developed a comprehensive approach to teaching the sport of kiteboarding. He offers a variety of lessons to encompass every aspect of the sport.

If you live anywhere near Delray Beach, Florida and want to kite more than anything else in the world, you’re in the right place. Andy has held his IKO approved teaching qualifications for 6 years now and thoroughly enjoys teaching other people his skills. I suggest you go directly to his site…

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