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Anne Quéméré is off…

“My Everest is the Ocean and my dreams are focusing on the preparation of my crossing the Pacific Ocean”

On 22nd October I wrote about the epic journey French born Anne Quéméré was about to make – a 7,000km kite crossing from San Francisco to the French Polynesian island of Tahiti. It would be the first kite crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

Much to her frustration she has been delayed by unseasonably good weather in San Francisco. It is very important that when she launches she has good wind to take her out of the fog filled bay area and through the shipping lanes as quickly as possible. What she does not want is to be becalmed in the trade routes helpless amongst those huge cargo ships, especially at night.

She did cast off eventually on Friday morning but after fighting to find enough wind to keep the kite afloat she decided to return to the Corinthian Yacht Club and wait for a better forecast – it looks like she will have to wait a few days…

AQ © Anne Quemere

However, her team were able to boost her morale by quoting Louis XIV – “The impatience to win, assures a loss.”

Her voyage in the 5.5m purpose-built Oceankite will take her from the northern hemisphere into the southern, through tricky weather regions including the dreaded Doldrums which are caused by the ITCZ. Her arrival in Tahiti will be dependent on wind speeds and ocean currents.

© Anne Quemere

Her reason for this latest challenge?

“During my voyage and through my involvement with the BLUE Climate and Oceans Project, I want to communicate my love for the ocean environment to as many people as possible, in a bid to try and encourage more to adopt simple changes to their lifestyle, that will help to make a difference to protect these environments for our younger generation to enjoy”.

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