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Anne Quéméré has successfully sailed into the sunset.

I am 2 days late getting this news off to you, but Anne Quéméré, the ultimate extreme sports’ adventurer, has successfully cast off and has set sail on her epic solo kite voyage from San Francisco to Taihiti. She left on Tuesday, 4th November at 10.32 a.m. local time.

She was towed to the Departure point which was under the Golden Gate Bridge. From there she was left to start the launch on her own, this meant pumping the kite boarders, launching the various lines, lifting anchor and finally raising the kite. All this took about 45 minsutes and then she really was “on her way”.

There was bright ‘Frisco sunshine and perfect weather conditions with a 20 – 25 knot North by Northwest wind which is expected to hold for the next three days. Her direction is 123° west which should keep her out of range of the cargo routes..

The wait had been worth it.

Good luck and bon voyage… and we will follow her 7000km journey with anticipation.

You can visit her site directly if you wish – She intends to update it every 2 days. The crossing is expected to take 5 – 6 weeks.


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