Andy Yates crowned Kitesurfing World Champion

It was the PKRA Kite Surfing Championships at the South Pacific island of New Caledonia last weekend and this video says it all…

Congratulations to Andy Yates (Australia), Karolina Winkowska (Poland) and all the others for an outstanding competition with non-stop top quality entertainment.

This is the second year on the trot that New Caledonia has been the setting for a PKRA event. It is the world’s largest enclosed lagoon with beautiful crystal clear, perfectly flat water. It couldn’t be more ideal for a competition of this calibre. The wind blew constantly the whole competition except for the last day during the final heat when it diminished a few knots. Youri Zoon (Holland) changed kites from a 10m to a 12m. Most riders were full powered on 7m kites throughout the week.

The final result was a 4/1 judge’s decision in favor of 20 year old Yates giving him his official world title heat and the PKRA 2010 men’s freestyle champion.

ANDY Yates has soared to the top of the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association World Tour rankings after an impressive victory.

photo taken by Nicholas Falconer

Even though Gisela Pulido (Spain) lost in the final heat of the day, she was announced the official PKRA 2010 women’s freestyle champion.

The PKRA Kitesurfing World Tour is the official World Tour for Kitesurfing, sanctioned by the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) and ISAF (International Sailing Federation). The 2010 World Tour has events scheduled in 13 countries around the World.

Also known as the Teri Kite Pro 2010, this just completed competition was the second last one of the year.  The final freestyle event of the 2010 PKRA World Tour will be on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on 12th – 20th December. The sea here can have waves that vary in size from calm to 3 meters and forecasted conditions for this event are moderate waves with winds of between 15 – 25 knots North East (cross onshore) and 15 – 35 knots South East (Cross Onshore).

The event will be a multi disciplined Grand Slam event with Race, Freestyle and Wave competitions. The event is free to spectators and is guaranteed to offer spectacular displays of the worlds best kitesurfers with daily exhibitions of disciplines such as “Biggest Air”, “Longest Hang Time”, “Best Kite Loop” “Best Wave” etc.

The tour will end with the crowning of the new world champions  and an open air concert and beach party. The official link for more information is:

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