re-sized Aaron Hadlow

Aaron Hadlow struts his stuff

… and the rest of you… dream on!

Aaron is working on adding another dimension to this already superb sport. OK, so it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but he’s pushing the boundaries of kitesurfing and finds that boots are very helpful… Sit back and enjoy the video as Hadlow, with his signature white coloured boots and new wake style board form Flexifoil and, of course, his inimitable style, shows us what the future of kiteboarding will look like.

Aspire with Aaron Hadlow

Many of you are completely content with your kitesurfing style, but if you want to start showing off on rails and kickers, then perhaps this is the way to go.

If you’re into wakestyle riding, boots will improve your style and performance. Boots are initially off-putting as they are hard to get into, but it stands to reason that if they’re hard to get into they’re going to be just as hard to fall out of which is an advantage when you’re practising tricks. You will lose your board less often and therefore spend less time body dragging upwind to retrieve it. Kiteboard boots provide a much more solid connection than foot straps which makes it safer when hitting kickers and sliders as you get a much more powerful performance leaving the water which certainly adds to your style.

As with all good things, one ought to make clear that there are some cons too and Kiteboarding Mag laid them out clearly:

  • After launching your kite or getting slammed and coming out of your kiteboard boots, getting strapped in can be a struggle — especially in deep water as you don’t have a solid surface to push against.
  • Kiteboard boots can restrict your flexibility and ankle mobility, which makes some grabs and inverts more challenging.
  • Throwing wake-style tricks in choppy water may become more difficult.
  • Kiteboard boots require dead-flat water for their true potential to shine. Unfortunately, choppy water is more common in most locations.
  • Being locked into the kiteboard during a relaunch can be intimidating at first.

But the pro’s out weigh the con’s and Aaron Hadlow’s Aspire video clearly shows this.  “I’m as excited to ride now as I was about 5 years ago” he says… something to think about! As what blogger put it: “Much respect. good to see Aaron in boots!”

Thanks Red Bull for sending me this video…

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