A whole weekend ahead to worry about meals? Count yourself lucky says Sarah Outen!

When you have the choice of well-stocked supermarkets, or perhaps, if you’re organised, a well-stocked kitchen, but you’re still grutching because you can’t decide what to produce for lunch, spare a thought for Sarah Outen’s meagre choice when alone in the middle of the Indian ocean and thank your lucky stars!

She will shortly be in the same situation as she tackles the mighty Pacific followed by the Atlantic.

We first brought Sarah Outen to your attention in November. She’s the lass who is going to circumnavigate the world in her custom-built rowing boat (Dippers too?), her bike – Hercules and her kayak – still waiting to be christened.

From her own blog, she says: “2011 has already charged off at a wild pace for me, with now just around the corner. Things are marching on apace with developments and results all the time and a To Do list as long as long thing. Visas are soon to be applied for, we have a new logo, a brand new website is being designed, the new rowing boat is being built and the kayak will soon be ready for her first splash. (The kayak still has no name – ideas on a post card?) I was also very chuffed to be awarded a chunky grant from the Transglobe Expedition Trust – a Trust set up by the legendary Sir Ranulph Fiennes.”

We wish her the very best for her epic adventure.

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