Tribute to the people of Vancouver

Its amazing how quickly 16 days goes by. It seems like yesterday that we were discussing who was going to win what and now its all over. But what a fantastic and fabulous games they have been. We have seen incredible performances on the ice and snow – new champions have been found and for Canada and the people of Vancouver we raise our hand in salute.

There were of course those who didn’t want the games in Whistler – we respect their view and can only hope that the great success in respect of both the games and the Canadian athletes will have those dissenters nodding their heads with respect.

It is of course very unfortunate that history will report on the Whistler Olympics being where Nodar Kumaritashvili, the 21 year old from the Republic of Georgia, died when his luge flew off the track and crashed into a barrier. Some have said they have no words after such a tragedy but we remind all readers that the luge is an extreme sport – it is fast, very fast and very dangerous. Nodar was travelling at over 90 mph when he came off the track – it was a damned accident and when accidents happen at that speed the results are often fatal.

Ultimately the accident happened because a mistake was made – too fast too soon. We add our most sincere condolences to the family of Nodar Kumaitshvili and dedicate this blog to his memory. We believe he died doing what he loved to do……………

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But despite this tragic accident we want to add our shout of tribute to Vancouver – you can be proud of yourselves.

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