The ULTIMATE RIDE means different things to different people

Emmy award-winning producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, designers and acclaimed musicians have come up with the idea of putting onto film the definitive ride of extreme athletes lives.The idea behind the Ultimate Ride is to spotlight some of the exploits of an amazing breed of explorers and unlock the spirit, joys, fears and glories of action and adventure sports.

They have put together and are putting together an unprecedented documentary television and DVD series focused on today’s elite action sports stars as they take on exotic new missions and battle to stay on top of their dangerous professions.

Showcased today are two Red Bull boys – Steve Fisher and Shaun White…

White water kayaker Steve Fisher was born in South Africa and has a reputation of being a fearless kayaker. He turned pro in 1999 but competitions were not enough for him and he left the circuit in 2003 to seek more challenging waves and bigger water. Although the Zambezi was his training ground the direction of his future really took off in in 2002 when he took on the challenge of the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet. Estimated to be the deepest river gorge in the world and with freezing cold water it has sections of rapids that run at 20,000 cubic feet per second down gradients of 100 – 250 feet per mile. Swimming means certain death. When Fisher successfully navigated those waters it was the beginning of an unstoppable career. He now travels the world in search of towering waterfalls, big waves and first descents.

Steve, along with 2 good friends, Zambian Dan Campbell-Lloyd and Canadian boater Tyler Curtis, take on the challenge of the mighty Zambezi in flood with all its extreme currents, thumping rapids, whirlpools and dangerous under-currents and The Ultimate Ride have come up with this teaser (stevefisherblackbook).

Rapids are unpredictable things and no more so than in the Zambezi below Victoria Falls. It is known for eddy’s to collapse upon themselves but nothing like what you see at The Boiling Pot. And that’s just Rapid #1. The whole run is pretty much like that – a lot of seams and turbulent flow. For world class kayakers the Zambezi in flood is just fabulous. “When you see  rapid # 9 it puts a smile on your face”. Campbells’ response was a little different… “I would call it …um…the beating of a lifetime!”

From a temperate climate to a winter snowscape…

Shaun White, redbull‘s snowboarding wonder, sees his ultimate ride, not surprisingly, in the whitecoated backwoods. Born in San Diego, California in 1986, Shaun endured two major surgeries to correct a heart defect before he was a year old. This has never slowed him down. By the age of 6 he was a fearless skier and his mother, in an effort to slow him down, put him on a snowboard. The plan didn’t work. It only encouraged him to go faster. From that early start the snowboarding legend was born.

After winning five national titles as an amateur, Shaun captured his first major win as a pro in 2001 at the Arctic Challenge. He earned his first Winter X Games medal when he was 16, and between Slopestyle and Superpipe hasn’t failed to stand on the Winter X podium since. Between skateboarding and snowboarding Shaun now holds 16 X Games medals, and a record 10 of them are gold.

Red Bull were, of course, quick to spot his potential and worldwide appeal and has been working hand in hand with Shaun for some time now. In fact, in 2009 Red Bull built Shaun his very own half pipe in the backhills of Silverton, Colorado, codenamed Project X.

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