re-sized splitboard

The intoxicating delights of pristine snow and a splitboard

Here in the south of France the skies are blue and temperatures are up. Just watching this video dropped the air around me by several degrees!

So, split-boarding. Seems to have everything going for it doesn’t it? No lift… no problem. It’s a new world out there.

So what exactly is splitboarding?

Very simply, it’s a regular snowboard that splits into two halves which become skis. If you can ride a snowboard you can ride a splitboard. However, you do still need to acquire backcountry skills before embarking into the wilderness for an adventure. You should seriously contemplate taking an avalanche and winter skills course if you haven’t already done so.

When splitboards were first designed there descent performance was a bit sloppy, but with the advantages of modern technology and enthusiastic feedback from the converted, they have improved dramatically and the ride now feels just like a solid board, even in firm snow conditions . “They can handle anything you throw at them from deep powder to the most heinous conditions.”

How easy is it to use?

What a brilliant concept! So simple, so efficient. And so, so satisfying.

As one fervent believer in splitboarding says: “I don’t have too many certainties in life but one of them is that I will continue to use a splitboard for the rest of my life. I reckon what really fascinates me is how all its various components, bindings, individual skis, skins, crampons, extendable poles..allow me to move through the mountains in the backcountry without the need to use any type of engine, relying entirely on my legs and my fitness.”

You couldn’t get a better recommendation than that, could you?

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