Snowkiting – isn’t it time you gave it a go?

Our blogs are becoming increasingly snow orientated – heigh ho, it’s that time of year ago. Only a light dusting of snow on our Southern Alps still, but hey, it’s only mid-November. We are hoping for great things again this year, and in that spirit, we found this wonderful film from Film IT and newpartisancinema on snowkiting which I think you will enjoy – beats taking a lift up the mountain any time…

Snowkiting is a fantastic combination of two already fantastic sports – kite surfing and either snowboarding or skiing. If you already love these sports and haven’t yet tried snowkiting, it’s time you gave it a go…

It’s similar to kitesurfing in as much as you use the kite, infact nowadays kitesurfers are using the same kites they use on water – the inflatable variety; but the footwear used is the same as used for snowboarding or skiing – no getting around those uncomfortable ski boots I’m afraid.

The wonderful thing about snowkiting, which puts it apart from other alpine sports, is that it is possible for the snowkiter to travel uphill and downhill with any wind direction.

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I suppose one could safely say that snowkiting is the latest winter sport.

After all, it’s easier to learn than kite surfing…

It’s logical… you can stand on snow which you certainly can’t do on water – well unless you’re endowed with some extraordinary powers that is. You need less wind to drive a board across snow than you do with water, and holding an edge in snow is considerably easier than trying to do the same in water which makes wind progress much easier to master.

Hey, this winter, you, too, could be doing this…

Thanks bada55ba55.

We began with Jerome Josserand and so we shall end with him too, with thanks to ggkite for this video. Please everyone, if you’re new to snowkiting – this is NOT something you want to do on your first time out!

Snowkiting, like kitesurfing, can be extremely dangerous and should be learned and practiced with care!

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