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Snowboarding’s popularity

In 1983, less than 10 percent of United States ski areas allowed snowboarding, but by 1997, few resorts excluded it.

Today, snowboarding is now as accepted as skiing in most ski resorts worldwide and its popularity is growing at such a pace that the number of skiers in the US has declined by 25% and number of snowboarders increased by 77% making snowboarding the fastest growing winter sport in the US.

Today, more than 3.4 million people snowboard. An astonishing research has found that the number of people who snowboard is predicted to overtake skiing by 2015 !

However, I would be tempted to differ to these figures. When we were in the Alps the other day we were told that for the first time ever there were less snowboarders than skiers on the slopes – prior to this year the snowboarding figures (as suggested above) had always looked set to overtake skiing.

But, just so’s you aren’t a SNOW GUMP or an OL’ POPS here’s a helping hand with a few snowboarding terms for those of you in the southern hemisphere whose season is just about to start:

AIRDOG: a snowboarder who jumps most of the time and is most interested in airial tricks
ARTIC COUGAR: an old lady who goes for really young guys on the slopes and in the lodge!
FRAGGLE: term for accident involving two snowboarders, when the boards entangle causing injury.
FREAK A LEAK: – self-explanatory…
HERB: short for Herbert, a bad snowboarder or skier. In particular a skier who cuts boarders up and can’t do parallel turns. Good looking female boarders and skiers are exempt from being called herbs.
KRUNKED: someone that gets so messed up they cant move for like 45 seconds. e.g. “That dude just got krunked on that 15-stair!”
MEAT TORPEDO: a child between the ages of 4 and 9 years, on skis, with no concept of fear, speed or momentum.
GROMMET (GROM): another name for a small, young snowboarder especially one who is very “in” to snowboarding.
MISTYFLIP: frontflip 180
MOFO: ski-instructor
NOOB: new Boarder (can also be used to insult people). e.g. “That noob over there wiped out on the bunny hill!”
OLLIE: the act of lifting the nose and tail of your board into the air at the same time. “That ollie was HUGE!
POW POW: fresh powder. e.g. “Cuttin the pow pow.”
POWDER PUFF: somebody who only loves riding pow
PRICKS WITH STICKS: an insulting term used to describe an annoying skier or group of skiers.
ROLLING DOWN THE WINDOWS: a phrase used to describe when someone is caught off balance and they rotate their arms wildly in the air to try and recover.

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