Skiing in Greece – really?

One has preconceived notions of countries, witness my surprise yesterday at finding a tropical beach in China. Similarly today I’ve discovered skiing in Greece. Greece, the land of sunshine and islands, blue skies and turquoise seas, antiquity and tourism. But skiing? I’d never heard of it!

I am going to warn you immediately that although there are many places to ski, the resorts are small. However, the fun side of skiing in Greece is that one moment you can be snorkelling or scuba diving in the islands, or enjoying grilled octupus and a view of the Acropolis and the next flying down  a mountain with the quiet swoosh of snow in your ears. How extreme is that?

There’s a fantastic video of telemark skiing in Greece (turningtelemark) which goes to show that there’s some quality snow in the area. Greece is, after all, a land of mountains jsut as much as it is a land of islands, so why shouldn’t it have snow?

Skiers are addicted to the better-known resorts of Switzerland, France, and Italy, but Greece offers low prices and a good variety of slopes and ski centers. In fact, you can ski for just a few dollars a day in Greece. Recent prices at Mt. Parnassos, the best-developed resort run by EOT, include a 7-day pass for about $90. Other prices are just as good.

Mt. Parnassos is just 3 hours away from Athens and has good skiable snow from December to March. With a dozen lifts and a wide selection of slopes it is the skiing mecca of Greece (metallinsam). and just as exotic, Delphi is just around the corner offering great apres-ski life!



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