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Red Bull Crashed Ice

I think you have to have balls of ice for this one!!! Crashed Ice is a winter extreme sporting event, which involves downhill skating on a track which includes steep turns, uphill rises and high vertical drops all done in an urban setting. “You can’t appreciate the track until you see it up close,” reporter Bryan Piatt said. He got to try out the track before the event and said it was an incredible experience. And he was able to take his time about his descent. The real thing really is something else…

Red Bull Crashed Ice in Minnesota

But there are enough people who have them – the balls I mean, otherwise 80,000 roaring spectators wouldn’t have thought it worth while to turn up for the spectacle!

Red Bull’s Crashed Ice 2012 season kicked off this weekend with a great result for Canada’s Kyle Croxall, who beat defending champion Arttu Pihlainen of Finland to take first place at the opening event of this year’s series.

The Americans are hoping for great things this season. As USA  Coach Charlie Wasley said “Red Bull Crashed Ice is definitely a sport that Americans are going to embrace the more they get to know it. It’s tailor-made for the American mentality. It’s fast, exciting and you’ve got world-class athletes flying down a hill on skate.” He says that  it is only a matter of time before Americans start pushing the Canadians, Finns and Germans off the top of the podium.

That was said in 2004 and this year 19 Americans advanced to the 64-man finals on last Saturday, the first of the competition’s events. Among the brightest prospects are Adam Green who said “I’ve been training hard since August for this. I’ve been in the gym, on the ice, doing a lot of cross training. I think this is absolutely a great sport for Americans. Everyone I know wants to get into it. It’s going to be huge.” Green came 26th in his first race in Munich in 2010.

“It’s fast and furious, tough and scary. It’s exciting and full of action,” says Red Bull. Just watch some of the qualifying rounds  for comfirmatin of this:

Qualifying Rounds for Red Bull Crashed Ice

Future venue events and dates for the Red Bull Crashed Ice are as follows:

  • Valkenburg (NED) :    2 –  4    February
  • Are (SWE) :                    16 – 18  February
  • Quebec City (CAN) : 15 – 17  March





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