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Plug in your mp3 and head for the slopes

John Childs-Eddy has put together a fantastic product to help you teach yourself, with expert advice, how to snowboard better. He persuaded the coach, Anthony Crute, to……….. but why listen to me, here’s what John himself says about the product:

“Finally! World renowned snowboard coach Anthony Crute breaks his 8 years of silence to teach YOU his powerful (and expensive) snowboarding secrets that anyone can use to quickly and easily go from: learning to turn, to sliding on rails, to landing 540 airs!”

“In fact, Anthony has not only spilled his guts on the fastest and easiest way to learn all the tricks you’ve always wanted to do… But also… He’s let me put it all into an Mp3 audio, so you can take it with you to the hill, and have him teach you exactly how to do tricks while you ride!”

That’s not a bad idea is it? Crystal clear air above, crisp white snow below, Mp3 plugged in and somebody quietly instructing and advising you exactly how to perform those moves you’ve been longing to do.

Good luck and happy boarding.

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