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One of the world’s toughest downhill ski races


… that is the slogan of the Artic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic, and it promises to live up to its threat.

Well established on the extreme sports calendar, the event, which is now in its 24th year, draws over 13,000 spectators from all over the world and promises to be be the ultimate adrenaline rush for competitors and spectators alike.

What is it all about?

The Arctic Man is a race for teams of two skilled competitors that tests both the strength of the athlete and the horsepower of a snowmobile. Both men and women snowboarders and skiers can take part in the various disciplines.

The skier begins at a summit elevation of 5,800 feet and drops 1,700 feet in less than 2 miles to the bottom of a narrow canyon where he meets up with his snowmobiling partner. The snowmobiler meets the skier, on the move (possibly already doing 60mph!), with a tow rope and pulls the skier 2 1/4 miles uphill at top speeds of up to 86 mph. The skier and the snowmobile then separate and the skier goes over the side of the second mountain and drops another 1200 feet to the finish line.

As you can imagine, courage and training are essential elements for this team of snowmobile and skier.

It is a unique event that has grown to be one of the major winter events held within the state of Alaska wilderness.

The main event is scheduled for Friday, April 10th with the 11th and 12th being held as back-up dates. Following the main event, The Arctic Man, there will also be a Hillcross Uphill which will start from the Arctic Man finish line, and a Sno-Cross event.

The event is held at Summit Lake.

The organisers would like the competitors to be aware that there has been a huge snowfall this year in the mountains. So, please, if you are in the race, be careful. Watch for dangerous snow situations, large snow packs, edges, and tight valleys. BE CAREFUL!

If you’re thinking of taking part one day, please contact Arctic Man Website directly, and thanks to lucky19751 for the video clip.

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