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Iceberg climbing extreme in the northern Atlantic

Last night we told you about Erik Weihenmayer and Chad Jukes who are scheduled to attempt an ice climb on the Bridal Veil Falls in Colorado today – another thing happened last night – our dog went missing. We knew where she was but didn’t think our neighbour would be best pleased to see us in the middle of the night.

Anyway to cut a long story short during the process of collecting the dog our neighbour mentioned ‘ice berg’ climbing. Something we had never heard about and therefore when back in front of the computer we pressed the research button.

Wurr, jig, jig and the answer is there is not much to find. As an extreme sport goes this must be about as occasional as they come. But with the help of Google and YouTube we have put together this small but none the less interesting piece about ice berg climbing.

All we could find was this story about Will Gadd, a Canmore, Alberta resident who’s won every major ice-climbing competition and holds the distance world record in paragliding.

Gadd had the thrill of his life climbing icebergs. He and Ben Firth, 29, went on a hunt for grounded bergs in Newfoundland but ended up climbing floating chunks in the Labrador Sea. With the ancient ice’s unpredictable rolling and cleaving, the two quickly learned the dangers of getting too close to the buoyant masses.

In his own words:

‘I’ve been called crazy many times, but never more than when my bud Ben and I climbed icebergs ten miles off Labrador’s coast. It was surreal to be hanging by my ice ax above 35-degree (2-degree Celsius) water that looked so tropical. Soon after I jumped off this brittle, 10,000-year-old berg, a dump truck-size block broke off right where I’d been perched! We learned that mountain boys may well be out of their depths in the North Atlantic.’

We have pulled this video from DailyPlanetClips which shows Will Gadd climbing an ice berg off the Labrador coast – the only thing is it does not show him summitting the berg!

Interesting bloke this Will Gadd – we learn that he is a paraglider, mountaineer and ice climbing pro – why is it that we get the feeling that this is not the last time we will hear about the extreme adventures of Gadd.

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