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The snow is magnificent this year – in Europe anyway and the temptation to disappear up to the mountains at every opportunity is hard to resist. I thought I was pretty hot as a fairly newcomer to snowboarding, but my friends all seemed to outjump me – so what was I doing wrong?

Having watched, with awe, the snowboarding sequences in the James Bond movie I decided to take some tips… and, besides the old idiom “practice makes perfect”… here’s how you do it (or so I’m told!):

Firstly when working on ‘going big’ on a snowboard the speed is important. You need to start somewhere on the slope where you feel comfortable going in a straight line – and then pick a spot a little further UP the hill! The second important element is how hard you ‘ollie’, or spring, off the lip of a jump. The harder you ‘ollie’ the higher and further you will go. To ‘ollie’ off a jump you need to stay low with your knees bent as you approach the jump, then just as you are about to take off, spring off the tail of your snowboard while you lift up with your front foot. As you ascend into the air bring both knees into your chest to continue the upward momentum. Good speed combined with a good ‘ollie’ is the secret to ‘going big’ on a snowboard. Just be sure to extend your legs to land and ride away smoothly – that should impress anyone watching!

Then watch James Bond in ‘A View To A Kill’ again, and get on out there…

But if you’re still not convinced and feel you need even more help:

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