re-sized battersea power station

Extreme venue for snowboarding world cup

‘I cannot believe it’ as Victor would have said but yes it is true – snowboarding in London and to add insult to injury its taking place in a power station!

It sometimes seems like Battersea Power Station’s long term prospects will never be decided and she’ll turn to rubble while a tawdry procession of developers hatch unlikely plans. Under such uncertainty, however, the grand old dilapidated dame seems to be developing a maverick sub-career as venue of choice for smart opportunists in need of a Thames-side landmark with decent public transport connections. For example, this October will see World Cup snowboarding hurtling past the close to crumbling chimneys.

The Snowboarding World Cup travels the globe with a range of different events and kicks off this week in New Zealand. The ‘big air’ will then come to London on 25 October with international championship contenders, including Brit Dan Wakeham, launch themselves off a massive ramp to perform airborne spins and tricks aloft a real snow slope amid plenty of talk of Vancouver 2010.

The big air will be the impressive centrepiece of a new winter sports festival (although, is October really winter?) at the Power Station – Free Sports On 4 Freeze – (yeah, Channel 4’s in there somewhere) with live music, a fake Alpine village and all sorts of other jazz to draw you to SW8. And if that wasn’t snowy excitement enough for you, the Bahamas will be making their debut as competitors in this world cup season so watch out for Cool Runnings spin off commentary.

Thanks to the Londonist for this story and to koichow69 who has put this excellent video together of the dacaying Battersea Power Station set to Pink Floyd music – one problem – no snow – duh, its only September! Oh I’ve got it – they will blast it down the chimneys!

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