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Extreme skiing – how and how not to

We did manage a day in the Alpes Maritimes at Isola 2000 last week – it was good to be back on skis – but…………well OK, we were spoilt last year when we were blessed with 3 metres of snow and so it was rather disappointing to find like only 50cms. It did however snow hard in the afternoon and so skiing for amateurs such as ourselves was none too easy.

We were looking at YouTube and found some evidence that we thought we should share – firstly this excellent compilation on how skiing is practised by the very best at their chosen sport – when skiing last week it would have been useful to have had just some of the skills that these guys are blessed with – respect!

Thanks to thesnowfiles for the video

Yes rather impressive you must admit – but, and there is always a but, the following video from roggezzinho demonstrates what can happen when you get it wrong – something we were so close to doing as the snow fell last week, visibility was reduced to zip – oh no it was not a good idea. Thankfully we survived as did the guy in the video.

And of course in researching for this blog we found another video from thesnowfiles which further shows the very terrible consequences of getting a bad line when out and about in the mountains………………………please be careful….but have fun.

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