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Extreme skiing and a world record

We heard on the radio this week that the snow has arrived early in the southern Alps and there is the possibility of some resorts opening before the end of the month. Please verify directly with the resorts to confirm there is skiing at your intended destination.

To whet your appetite we have put a series of videos together – these guys – Dusty Diller and Jamie Pierre – are not only awesome skiers they also have incredible courage.

Diller shows what he is capable of at Winter Park, Colorado, successfully completing, 360. 720, 1080 and 1440 degree revolutions, a drop over a cliff face and a double back flip – thanks for the great video from bbloss.

And below we have Jamie Pierre who refers to himself as a stunt man or loose canon on skis and talks of two golden rules when cliff jumping. First is to check out the landing site and second is to stand a way back from the cliff edge so as not to psyche yourself out before you launch. Thanks jcrenom6 for this video.

Finally take a look at Pierre launching himself over a 72metre, 245 feet, drop – wow breathtaking. He wears protective clothing in the form of padded shorts and a back protector but for some crazy reason no helmet – OMG. Pierre tells us he wanted ‘to hold the world record for just one day and that now he can retire’. Yes we can see why. Thanks fm3pk8 for the video.

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