Battersea Power Station gets us into the winter mood

If you had plans for this weekend I’d cancel them now – if you live in England that is – as this weekend it’s the annual Winter Freeze Festival (sportsvisionevents) at Battersea Power Station, London.

A snow sports and music festival combined in the heart of London? Bizarre? Not in the least! Started in 2008 this event kicks off the winter season for many when some of  the world’s best skiers and snowboarders come to compete on the specially erected 32m high, 100m long real snow ramp – and the event starts TODAY.  

The highlight of this festival is the The LG Big Air World Cup where you will see the world’s best  snowboarders compete to win vital ratings points in their quest to be World Champions, and  all hoping to take home the largest share of the event prize purse.

The UK Championships will be held at the same time in the Whitelines BOB event where 16 of the UK’s best snowboarders compete against each other. The top 4 riders will automatically qualify for the LG World Cup event.

The Relentless Freeze Event is also the only time and place that you can see the best skiers in the world in this country – a country not otherwise known for its top quality ski resorts… through no fault of its own! This is the only event of its kind in England which ski superstars can take part in. The Ski Union BOB also happens here and will operate on the same principles as Whitelines BOB with 16 UK skiers etc etc…

The riders throw themselves off the huge jump performing their best tricks for World ranking points. Over the last two years Olympic snowboard medalists Danny Kass, Peetu Piiroinen, Scotty Lago have battled it out. Amongst the skiers Jon Olson, Tanner Hall, Russ Henshaw, Andreas Hatveit and Bobby Brown have produced an intense competition with one of the highest scoring big air contests ever.

Sponsors O’Neill have brought the premiere of Jeremy Jones’ movie ‘Deeper’ (VASEntertainment) to the event which will be shown on Saturday – tomorrow.

There are some phenomenally crazy, brave, mad, extreme people out there!!!

Tomorrow is also HALLOWEEN so costume is encouraged. There is always a great musical line-up each night and this year will be no exception.

The event map is copied below. Don’t miss it. It’s going to be fun. In case the obvious escaped your notice… this is an apres ski party to beat all apres ski parties!

Event map>>>

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