re-sized powder snow

In praise of powder snow

Can’t get up to the slopes today? Well, here’s something to think about:

“Powder snow is a near-religious experience. It is absolute freedom, because you can ski where you want: rocks are blanketed; tree stumps blister-packed; pitfalls filled. And it is merciful, the snow allows you mistakes and welcomes them, envelops them in its love. It liberates, lightens the load, lifts even the everyday burden of your own weight. It lets you fly with an abandon that you couldn’t hope to get away with on normal snow. It is forgiving and allows him to feel forgiven. Drops that would jar his spine, or smash his knees into his chin, instead catch him and cradle him.”

So says Jonathon Trigell in the book “Cham”.

The description is so beautifully put and apt, that I just had to share it with you. The book’s a good read too!

A long video from vynig, but, oh my god, (what was that Trigell was saying about a near religious experience?) I wish I was in Utah right now!

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