What is the hardest bit about cliff diving?

It must be the entry into the water, don’t you think?

I know we are doing an awful lot on Red Bull’s Cliff Diving, but not only is it an extreme sport with extreme athletes, but it is so very beautiful – or at least we think so!

Anyway, back to ‘the entry into the water’… I already found it fascinating on an earlier video where it was explained why they spray water onto the surface of the water – not just to add another danger facet to cliff diving, but to take the break the shine on the surface of the water so that the divers can judge their entry. Now we can learn a bit about the Barani.

What is the Barani?

Red Bull’s locations for their cliff diving world tour are equally magnificent. As you know, Norway has just happened and Gary Hunt was the jubilant winner of this event, but Norway was the setting, and it couldn’t have been more idyllic:

Norway – not just ideal for Red Bull’s Cliff Diving

Next up are the Azores, a Portuguese Archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, and located about 1,500 km west of Lisbon and about 1,900 km southeast of Newfoundland.. The dates will be the 20th – 21st July. The videos will be following shortly….

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