Ultra-marathons are de rigeur – so what about doing the Yukon Arctic Ultra next year

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is scheduled for the 30th January – 7th February, 2014 and the time to start training is right now. This is no ordinary race. It will test your physical strength and fitness, but more than that it will test your mental strength.  It is the world’s coldest and toughest ultra marathon. You have a choice of doing either 100 or 300 miles , and, every second year they have a 430 mile race…

It is the challenge and goal of the organizers to give you, the contestants, the world’s best and toughest human-powered winter ultra- marathon race and in an environment where the temperatures go down to minus 50 degrees Celsius and colder with wind chill to factor in – this is a race for only the hardiest most determined characters.

The race begins in downtown Whitehorse next to the Yukon river and finishes just off the Takhini River. The 100 mile racers will go from Whitehorse to Braeburn. The 300 mile racers will keep on going all the way to Pelly Farm. There they will leave the river to turn around and go back to Pelly Crossing on the farm road.

The 430 mile race only happens every 2 years and the next scheduled one is 2015. The route is slightly different in that it will not return to Pelly Crossing, but instead continues on the Quest trail to Dawson City.

This video will tell you everything you need to know, or almost everything about this extraordinary race. It’s long… but good – just like the race!!!

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