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The last KSP kitesurfing event begins on Friday, 2nd December

Cape Verde held the first ever (unofficial) national kitesurf championships on Sal island on Monday the 21st to find the 2 wildcards who would go through to the KSP official world championships beginning this weekend. It was an informal, low-key event, but was well organised and fun, with the local lads exceeding expectations when they showed some incredible new-school riding with lots of power, flow and variety.

Jose “Djo” Silva carried the day with his energetic, powerful style and technical manoeuvres although Matchu Almeida did his best to cut him out, finally coming second in the event – with Luis Brito taking third place. Djo and Luis are now qualified to compete at the (official) event from December 2nd – 11th on the Ponta Preta wave and Luis could enter the race in case of the withdrawal of another rider.

The Ponta Preta Kite Surf Pro on Sal Islan, Cape Verde is the location for the KSP’s final event of the season. This will be a wave riding event with limited entry and will culminate in the crowning of the ASP Kite Surf World Champion.

The island of Sal is in itself rather flat and unexciting, but it is the abundance of extensive surf breaks and empty beaches which makes it a dream surfing destination and the perfect venue for the KSP’s final event of the year. Some of the best waves in the Atlantic happen here, but they can be quite dangerous and are only suitable for expert surfers and kitesurfers.

A good swell is anticipated for this weekend, but early arrivals will be hoping for some good surf immediately so they can have a chance to practice and get used to the conditions. Ponte Preta has a very powerful right break with a deep tube and an extremely shallow reef. There is no room for error here.

It should be an exciting competition.


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