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The de la Rue brothers make extreme snowboarding look easy

Xavier de la Rue and his younger brother Victor explore the Alaskan environment during their annual trip to Haines for Standard Films with TimeLine crew. Here is a sneak preview of what happened 2 weeks ago when they went there for an intense week of shredding.

First and foremost Xavier de Le Rue is a mountain lover and this is at the core of all he does. In his heart he is a freerider – and spends his time in the powder whenever conditions allow. His love and skills for both powder and big mountain riding have achieved wide recognition, and Xavier recently received two major awards from the snowboarding scene: “Stand Out of the Year” at TransWorld SNOWboarding Rider Poll during SIA at Denver and Snowboarder Magazine Big Mountain of The Year.

He has been very successful in competition, winning multiple snowboard cross world championship titles and X games gold medals. He has also won the snowboard freeride world champion for three successive years, and was twice awarded ‘best line’ of the freeride world tour (snowboard and ski).

But with snowboarding true recognition comes through filming freeride action and Xavier has been eager to invest time and energy in this side of the sport, and has received deserved success and respect for his movie and film parts. He has been involved in a highly anticipated freeride film ‘Deeper’ where the riders access their ‘playground’ using only human power. During the 2009 season Xavier focused on big and steep faces in the Chamonix area, and was on expedition to the Antarctic filming for a documentary “Lives of the Artists” (by Relentless) – it left a deep impression: “It was the trip of a lifetime, everyday we rode peaks and landscapes I would never have even expected to see”.

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