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Tarifa – the kite playground of the world

They’ve just held the Tarifa Masters at the  Playa de Valdevaqueros:

The Tarifa Kitesurfing Masters

Tarifa attracts the big boys because of its reputation as the wind capital of the world. Lads like Aaron Hadlow, Alex Pastor and Youri Zoon visit for the pleasure of kiteboarding in this wonderful spot. It is the most southern city on the European continent and is located on the Strait of Gibralter . They say the wind blows for over 300 days a year. In fact, it is very unusual to have 2 consecutive days with no wind. On top of that, it is a charming little town of about 15,000 people which can, however, blossom to 100,000 + in the Summer months.

Full of local talent, both on and off the waves, this place hums.



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