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The Suunto Vertical Blue kicks off today in the Bahamas

As we get used to dropping temperatures, sweaters and fires in the evening, across the ocean in the Caribbean they are still enjoying halycon weather, crystal blue waters and clear skies. And to top off perfection, the Suunto Vertical Blue kicks off today with one of the world’s biggest freediving competitions. You should know all about it from numerous previous articles on this site… here’s one for example, and perhaps another… you can go and look for the rest on your own, just type in ‘Vertical Blue’ in ‘search xtreme’ and a plethora of articles will come up!

I am going to copy you their press release of today:

The world’s top freedivers are gathering in the Bahamas in preparation for one of the world’s largest freediving competitions, the Suunto Vertical Blue. Organised by the record-breaking freediver and Suunto Ambassador William Trubridge, the nine-day competition begins on November 20th at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. Plunging to a depth of 203m (666ft), it’s the world’s deepest blue hole of its kind — a place that is awe-inspiring to view and the perfect freediving venue.

Fifty six athletes from 21 countries will take part, including Trubridge, Guillaume Nery and Alexey Mochanov. Between them they hold the current world records in the sport’s main depth disciplines and will seek to dive to depths in excess of 125m (400ft) on just a single breath of air. The 2012 Suunto Vertical Blue promises to be an incredible window into the physiological demands of elite freediving, as athletes explore the ocean’s depths, the last frontier of human possibility.

William Trubridge, organizer, says: “What makes Vertical Blue a special event is that it gives the athletes free reign to mine their aquatic potential. The competitors are like chemists in a spotless laboratory — free to conduct controlled experiments on what their body can tolerate in an airless world.  If you left your diamonds in the basement of a 40-story skyscraper that flooded up to its roof then these guys could freedive down the lift shaft and collect them for you.
The deepest dives will last in excess of four minutes, but that’s not four minutes of holding your breath in your bathtub — it’s four minutes of propelling yourself through the water column, while combatting pressures that would crush a soccer ball to the size of a tennis ball and which exert mind-numbing narcosis on neural circuitry. It’s four-minutes that takes place in another dimension, where time is drawn out into an eternity — an eternity that lasts but a single breath.”

Suunto, the world’s leading dive computer brand, is the official depth gauge used at all AIDA World Record freedive attempts. Mika Holappa, Dive Business Unit Director at Suunto, says: “Suunto has worked with William Trubridge for many years and he’s an outstanding athlete. We are very proud to be this year’s headline sponsor of the Suunto Vertical Blue.”

We’ll bring you news as it happens…

The Vertical Blue at the Bahamas sponsored y Suunto

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