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Surfing – a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Here’s a new video on the surf near Lagos, Nigeria. Virtually in the town this hard brutal wave breaks on the beach … with some force. It’s a pity the water’s so murky… is murky another word for polluted? 😀

There are two regions in Nigeria to surf. Just outside Lagos and Port Harcout  – if you don’t mind surfing with crocs. Crocodiles I mean, not the shoes! Advice from wannaSurf is “Don’t go for a holiday – it is not worth the hassles but if you’re working in Nigeria, it’s a blessing!”

Bali – how about this one for clean air? The best alley-oop ever.

For that John John Florence got a straight 10 – hardly surprising, but not as surprising as the move itself. Needless to say, it went viral within minutes of him landing it!

And have you heard about the travesty that is playing out in South Africa? The threat to J-Bay’s perfect line-up?

Jeffrey’s Bay’s perfect line-up


The powers that be have decided that the region is the perfect site for a vast nuclear power facility and to build this massive pile of concrete they are going to have to shift hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sand. Where are they going to put all that sand? They’re going to pump it into the sea. Local environmentalists and surfers are beside themselves with fury. Mick Fanning from said “The out of sight out of mind attitude must stop now, if dumping the sand on land is seen as a fatal flaw, why would it be OK to pump it into the sea? A development of this size on a stretch of coastline known for some of the best surf breaks in the world is unacceptable and it will cause massive damage to the environment.”

Ruggles, another wave under threat off Newport, Rhode Island, has the fortune to have a City Council that listens to the concerns of the public and seem keen to work with them not against them. To express your support for making sure the cliff walk repairs are done in a way that doesn’t risk future access, enjoyment, and the beauty of historic Newport, and the much-loved wave Ruggles, please sign the petition and share it widely amongst friends and family.  You can access the petition here.

Ruggles needs your help


It’s not all doom and gloom. Did you know that sceintist’s say that they’ve successfully completed tests for an injectable form of oxygen that they hope will be able to keep a human being alive for up to 30 minutes without breathing? Imagine what that could do for a big-wave surfer paddling out to meet with a monster. However, it’s years away from being trialed on human beings so nothing to get excited about just yet!

We’ve taken to the skies with wingsuits, and now we are working on how to take to water without gills! What’s next?!

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