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Steve Fisher takes pro-skateboarder over a 100 ft cliff

Pro-kayaker Steve Fisher took Brandon Cole ‘Bam’ Margera, a pro-skateboarder, television and radio personality, actor and daredevil, down the 30 metre (101 ft) Metlako Falls in Oregon early June 2012.

He was given the nickname ‘Bam’ by his grandfather at the tender age of 3 because of his propensity for running into walls.

Steve Fisher and ‘Bam’ Margera plummet 101′

Bam Margera et Steve Fisher descendent une chute… par Spi0n

However, incase you think you too can do this without suffering injuries, Bam didn’t come out of the stunt entirely unscathed. Although you can see him after the stunt smiling and laughing, with that sort-of dazed look that some people have after bungee jumping …  he soon realized something was wrong and went to a hospital … where doctors performed emergency surgery to treat a hernia – a result of plummeting 100 ft, despite the advice to “tense everything”!

We trust you are recovering Bam!

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Steve Fisher and Bam Margera kayak over a 101 ft waterfall in Oregon

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