Snowcat skiing in 8 metres of powder

Just a quick one this. Are you thinking of going skiing? Wondering where the powder is? Torn between two choices?

Well, perhaps you should look no further. “Best Powder yet and tons of it. The staff make it all so grand and the other skiers make the fun. Thank you,” burble contented visitors.

So where is this mecca?

Skiing in British Columbia

great northern skiing

BC of course. Canada obviously. Great Northern Snowcat skiing in the Selkirks to be exact. “Great snow combined with fantastic terrain means heaven for wilderness skiing enthusiasts. Skiers with a sense of adventure who are looking for an escape from civilization, lifts, line-ups and crowds will be pleasantly rewarded. For the holiday of a lifetime, for memories and friendships that last forever, join us on the slopes.” That says it all doesn’t it?

Great Northern uses state-of-the-art snowcats to access their slopes. Quiet ones. No earplugs necessary! Skiers have the comfort of knowing that they will be able to ski all day everyday, even when it is stormy. The fully enclosed snowcat cabin is spacious and warm and rides are generally 15 – 20 minutes long. And only one snowcat is mobile at any one time so the crystal mountains are not intruded upon any more than necessary.

A frequently asked question is: when is the best time to go skiing there, their answer?

“This depends on what you are looking for. Although the weather is totally unpredictable, we usually describe December and January as having cooler temperatures and heavy snowfall. We usually have 6-8 feet of snow on the ground by Christmas. February and March typically get “sun breaks” between regular snowfalls. April offers the best chance for sunny days combined with excellent powder. On warm, sunny days our powder snow is well protected on our numerous north and east facing slopes.

Please note that the weather is totally outside our control and this is one area where we all have to work with what we get. Conditions are such that we get excellent skiing most of the time, unbelievably great skiing some of the time, and occasional brief periods of difficult skiing.”

It sounds fantastic doesn’t it. And they have a great lodge too. Very comfortable. Good food. Great skiing. What more could you want? You can find out more at their website Great Northern Snowcat

This video was taken just 3 days ago…

Snowcat skiing

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