Sarah and Happy Socks

Sarah Outen’s off again

… or at least she will be when the weather permists. They are enjoying what they call a “bomb low pressure” in Choshi Marina, Japan where the sea is more than choppy and the winds so violent that boats are being rocked nearly horizontal.


And Happy Socks, her new boat, “was being boshed about so much on her moorings and the rain and wind so strong” that yet again her departure across the Pacific has been delayed – but only temporarily.

You might remember, from my last article about her, that, having cycled halfway across the world with the ocassional stint in a kayak, Sarah was due to set off to row solo across the Pacific, but the trip came to a disastrous end just days later because of the mother of all storms. That near drowning and necessary abandonment of her beloved boat would be enough to put most people off the attempt to give it another go – but not Sarah Outen.

She’s ready, she’s packed and she’s just waiting for the tempestous weather to allow her to start rowing… may the sun shine and the winds become balmy… and we’ll bring you more news as and when it happens.

You can find out a whole lot more on her own website.


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