re-sized Land ahoy - Adak

Sarah Outen is within striking distance of land after 147 days at sea!

I leave my desk for one week (maybe a bit more) and Sarah’s within touch of land – her first sight of land  in months and so her North Pacific solo crossing is drawing to a close.

Happy Socks loved the surfing

Sarah and Happy Socks

She is nearing the Aleutian Islands and is hoping to touch land at Adak. If you have been following her trip closely you will know that she had to abandon her original plan of getting to Vancouver as consistent bad weather on her North Pacific crossing had slowed her down considerably and with winter drawing in, she needs to be off the water sooner rather than later.

2 days ago she was 128 miles from land, but yesterday that was down to 50 and her spirits, as you can imagine, are high: “I am pretty zonked, totally stoked with adrenaline and excitement and chuffed to bits to have had two whales visit us today.” Us being herself and Happy Socks.

She has been rowing for 147 days and has completed 1,971 miles. She has 52 miles to go. .. She has been pushed backwards as much as she’s rowed forwards and has retained, throughout, the most amazing cheer and fortitude. It is not surprising that there has been the occasional blip of temperament – but none so harsh as when she had to change venue to the Aleutian Islands rather than Vancouver. That, to Sarah, was a bitter disappointment, but she will still be the first woman to row single-handedly across the North Pacific.

Once this step of the journey is completed there is still the cycle across Canada and America and the row across the Atlantic to bring her to the end of her London 2 London via the world adventure.

Soon she will be able to do more than just power nap

power nap


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