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Red Bull’s Linecatcher is returning to the Southern Alps

The Red Bull Linecatcher will be held in France between the 11th – 18th January, 2012. This will be the fourth edition of a competition which has become one of the biggest annual events of freeskiing. Once again Vars-La Forêt Blanche is the location for this fantastic event which combines the mountain’s natural terrain with kickers shaped throughout the route. 15 of the best free skiers in the world will be there to compete in an event that combines freeride and freestyle skiing.

After finishing closely behind France’s Candide Thovex in 2009, Canadian Sean Pettit took the third edition of the Red Bull Linecatcher in Vars, ahead of Italy’s Markus Eider and the American Tim Durtschi. Some of the highlights are in the following video:

Considered by many to be the best backcountry skier in the world at the moment, Richard Permin from France is being feted as the man to beat this year. The skiing specialists will take off into virgin territory in search of smooth tricks, huge cliff drops and fluid lines.

“We check out the face before the competition and hike up there, all following the same track. We can analyse what we want to do, figure out our line. It is really important that we check out the mountain as we need to know exactly where things are in terms of the face, how big things are and how they connect and also the volume of the snow and the landings. If there’s some wind effect, then it’s going to affect it and we need to look out for any rocks hidden below the surface. You need to memorise all of that so when you’re doing the run you can anticipate what’s ahead of you because you won’t be able to see,” says Aussie rider Chris Booth.

So, if you want to watch something that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, check out the Red Bull TV channel starting 11th January. It’ll be wild…


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